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Lilac: She loves beautiful flowing dresses and having tea with her stuffed teddy. Lilac is always trying to remind the others about proper etiquette and manners.
Download Lilac's free coloring page

Dewdrop: The youngest fairy of the village. Dewdrop loves being helpful and taking care of all the new forest growth.
Download Dewdrop's free coloring page

Root: Along with his twin brother Leaf, he is always out finding new adventures. Root is never far from his trusty bow and feather cap.
Download Root's free coloring page

Leaf: Finding new adventures and getting dirty are Leaf’s forte. His coonskin cap and slingshot are his trusted tools.
Download Leaf's free coloring page

 Breeze: A free loving spirit who loves the feeling of warm sun upon her wings. You can usually find her flying around the fields playing tag with butterflies.
Download Breeze's free coloring page