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Ginger: Is usually baking at her bakery and always has a kind word or a bit of wisdom for all the fairies in the village.
Download Ginger's free coloring page

Frost: As soon as his eyes open he is out the door. You can usually find Frost tagging along behind Holly.
Download Frost's free coloring page

Holly: One of the youngest of the village she is always into mischief. If there is trouble afoot you can be sure Holly is close at hand.
Download Holly's free coloring page

Ever: He is a naturally talkative and energetic delivery fairy. He loves to help around the village and has sometimes too much fun completing his deliveries.
Download Ever's free coloring page

 Crystal: Is one of the elders of the small village. She loves caring for the other fairies and the woodland creatures that live around them.
Download Crystal's free coloring page